Monday, March 14, 2011

The next seven weeks

So my seven weeks are over with I am done right: WRONG!!!!! I am only just starting again. So here I am week one yet again. But this week one was different in so many ways. First I knew what I was doing this time, my food choices, my workouts, and honestly I had a better knowledge of positive thinking. But here's the real deal this week was not easy just because of all of this. On Sunday last week I started my wonderful period, I knew it was coming I saw all the signs, I thought I was prepared now. I mean come on I know what healthy foods to eat, what to avoid, and that working out is key! Well I had no clue for the pain and hell this past week would bring me. I started the week at 186.6 so happy so great slowly I started gaining all this weight! I was so confused as I was doing my workouts, eating right, getting in my steps and water so what was wrong! I knew something was off by Thursday so I headed to the doctor and after much talking to him found out some nice news about how my body for the next six months, I may gain up to 5 lbs every period as my body is trying to learn how to have one without the full cycle. Never did I think getting my tubes cut would be so bad! So I knew I was gaining weight when I woke up morning to put on pants and they fit perfectly not big, or lose like normal. I did not want to step on the scale until weigh because I already knew what I have gained at the doctors I was 190.5 there for a total of 4 lbs weight gain. I was so upset, I could not believe that this happened! Here it is I lost all this weight to only have to gain 4 lbs in one week!! Well my doctor told me before I left to just keep working out, eating right, and I would drop the weight again. So here I am about ready to show you my scale picture. 
So here I am in all my glory on Sunday yes there is a weight gain a little .04 gain, but heres the thing I am so fine with it! Yes I know it is .04lbs but I worked so hard to make sure that it was not more! *update* I am now 186 this morning Monday* 
I know you may be thinking but Amanda this is a gain, and your right but heres the deal I know I will be able to lose this weight because I know now what I need to do. I am now aware of how my body works. For the next six more months and periods it will be hard, but I am so willing to do this! I have a goal and I will lose the next 47 lbs! I am in a size 14, yep I have dropped from a size 18 to a 14 in seven weeks, see these are things I see and I am am so happy for! Positive thinking is a must and that is what I am doing. I thank you all for your contest support the last seven weeks. I am so excited for the next seven weeks!

Campaign 8 is now happening for all you who are applying or thinking of applying you can read my post on what I have learned the seven weeks I was a Mamamavation Mom. Also ask me anything by email, skype, dm, I am here for you!. Know that this time is hard, I get it, but know that it is worth it! Watch @bookieboo for hazing and @fitmomtraining  Also remember that @bookieboo is watching you right now so work your ass off!

SOTW: Congrats to my mentor and friend Shelly for being Sister of the week! She is an amazing women and has helped me so much! Make sure you give her props!

Question: What time of day works best for you to be active?  How do you make sure you stick to those planned workouts?
First off as a mom of two young boys I have to honestly plan my day. My youngest gets up anywhere between 6 to 7 am and I workout after that for 30 to 45 mins until my oldest wakes up, then at nap time 1 to 2 I work out again. Now I also have found that late at night is best for me after 9 to 10 pm. I make myself stick to this workout plan because of my husband he calls me and text me and makes sure I am working out! I am so glad that I have him because without him there is not way that I would still be working out. 

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  1. Hugs girl!!! It's ONLY 0.4 lbs but you know the cause. I'm so proud of all you are doing and all you have done so far! You are remarkable!!! Super big hugs!!!

  2. That is so not a gain. You are insane. Insanely awesome though! Keep it up!!!

  3. HUGS I had no idea that getting your tubes tied could cause those issues! HUGS and Prayers that these next 6 months will be a QUICK learning time.

    PROUD of you - ALWAYS!! You are doign (and will continue to do) amazing!!

    hugs hugs hugs

  4. wow Amanda so did not know that getting tubes cut would do that to you. You have come so far and now you will lose more weight! i believe in you! you are an amazing lady!

  5. You know what? a little .4 gain is probably a little extra water weight! I have found that my weight fluctuates 2 pounds up and down :)

    Have a great week

  6. I am so glad we are friends and you have been through it first so when I get there I can lean on you. I am glad you have the tools to take the doctor's information and continue instead of reverting and hiding under a rock until those 6 months are up. You are doing amazing things not only for yourself and family but for the rest of us out here. Big HUGS Sister! Note to self stick with my guns and go hysterectomy instead of tube tying.

  7. I'm so proud of you. You didn't freak out. You went and found out what was going on with your body. Your doctor is right. You can lose it again. I'm so glad to know you and love you. You can keep doing this. You are an amazing woman.

  8. hmm makes me wonder if that is why I just have not been satisfied with anything this past week. I also had my tubes tied and this week is my cycle. I cant say I was good like you, but just felt totally off this past week. I have to arrange my workouts around the kids too. I am going to try adding in a second workout to boost. I want to see results like you!!! Great job!