Thursday, March 10, 2011

Earn Free Movies From Redbox

Redbox is offering a wonderful chance for you to earn free movie and game rentals from your local Redbox kiosk!
From now until March 17 you will earn a free first night's rental every time a friend of family member uses your special link.

First you need to sign up at Redbox here:
When you sign up you'll be able to see what kiosks are near you and reserve your picks for any time until 9pm the next day!
Rebox will email you a personal web address link after you sign up.  Share the link with family and friends via email, facebook, twitter, etc.
Every time they reserve a movie online through your link you will get a credit for a free first night DVD rental added to your account!
Your friends will also get their first night free.  It's win-win!
Spread the word and share the and share the luck!

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