Monday, March 21, 2011

look forward

This week as been for me a week of looking forward to new changes in my life and to changes to the others in my life. Moving forward and not backwards has been huge for me! This week I went to the doctor's the first time sense becoming a mom and he honestly could not believe how much weight I lose in a healthy way! Now let me say that again HEALTHY WAY! His words was this, I would suggest Leah Segedie Mamavation program to anyone who is trying to lose weight the healthy way! That really touched me because it showed how much the Mamavation program works! See this is looking forward he told me my next weight goal is 170 I said deal! My first was getting under 200 which I did and now 170 is the next goal. I love having a doctor who is so willing to help me with my goals in life. The thing is he has great goals he has are good ones, ones I can look forward to. I can see now things in front of me, I see such a bright future now. This is something I did not see before, yes it was something I wished for, but not something I honestly saw. Looking forward I see a healthier me, someone who is able to do more stuff. I am excited to run my first 5K that is something I would of not said before. As i look forward I see myself running after my two boys playing with them. These are the things I see when I look forward to, silly things like wearing a bathing suit once again, shorts, and even dresses! I am so glad to have these things to look forward to. So I ask you what do have to look forward to? What are you looking forward to? Is it that pair of jeans in the back of your closet that is calling your name? Or maybe its just 5lbs what do you look forward to? Think about and answer it and put it somewhere you can see it everyday and look at it, that is what I am doing looking at my answers and looking forward! 
Thinking about looking forward here is my scale pic this week.
See things I am looking forward to! one more picture is this one of me in a dress I never thought I would be able to wear again!

so now I know that you can look forward and see things you hope for and know they are possible!

Are you a sweet or savory snacker?  What do you look for in a healthy snack?
I have to say I am both! It all depends on what I want, but I do have to mix my sweet and savory snacks together! Like chocolate and popcorn I know crazy right. This is why it gets me in trouble! For a healthy snack I am learning that string cheese, air popcorn, and fruit are great to have around. Also they are low in calories and make a great snack!


  1. 2.4 pounds this week! AMAZING! Keep up the great work!

  2. U are doing such a great job and you look abolutely awesome. Keep doing it

  3. Chocolate and popcorn!!! YUMMMY lol! I'm super proud of u! Seriously! 2.4 lbs is AMAZING!!!!!!

  4. It is so yummy I love to mix it I know crazy right! and thank you guys for the positive comments!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! So excited and happy for all of your progress and success.

  6. There is not an adjective to properly describe how excited for you I am! :)

  7. Awesome healthy weight loss girl! And look at you all gussied up in your Earthies footwear (right?). You look so beautiful!

    170 sounds like an awesome goal. Hey, I have a bit farther to go, but how about I join you for 170 lbs or bust? I know we can do it... 1 or 2 lbs at a time.

    Have a great week and keep up the hard work!