Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Got Luck?

As I sit here writing this, I can think of many times where someone has come up to me and say "Amanda you are so lucky." I giggle to myself, because if they really knew me they would know how untrue that was. In the whole 28 (I know so long) years I have been around and alive I honestly can count on my hand the number of times I would truly call myself "lucky". So this made me think what is luck?
If you look up the word luck you see this
Now where do I fit in that luck part. For all of you reading this and saying "Amanda really come on your so lucky" I will have to sure you my true side to luck.

At 16 I was so luck to be cast in the Sound of Music. I always wanted to be in a Musical and here was my chance. Who would of thought someone who was 16 going on 17 would get the role! Out of the 128 people who tried out I got it lucky right, well read on. I went through five count that right FIVE meal leads and ended up with a 28 year old man playing my 17 year old boyfriend. If that wasn't lucky enough I lost my voice two weeks to opening night! Opening night came and I was so nervous but was told that it is normal. My first big screen dim the lights and here we go. I steep on stage said all my lines started to sing when I felt the bottom half of my dress slipping off. What was I too? Did I stop the show yell wait my skirt is falling off, or did I go on. So as the statement says the show must go on! I kept singing as I stepped out of mt skirt and prayed my slipped stayed on. The laughs came and I was so upset. Yes again I say I am so lucky! Honestly think who does this happened to. Now I thought that one time would be enough that I would never have to worry about something on stage happening again. Well I was so lucky the first time, why not be lucky the second! In college I was cast in the musical Oklahoma. I was so excited as I was from Oklahoma and I knew all the lines! That was what Luck! Everything was going great, opening night came and i said this time nothing will happen, but I had this horrid feeling in my belly something would. Well guess what....... I got lucky nothing happened that night! Cue closing night here I am on cloud nine because every night has gone so good, we all where so lucky! Well thats when my lucked changed I was so into my song "I'm just a girl who can't say no" when I did not notice that they moved the platform of the stage by one foot, one foot was all it took for me to fall off the stage and land in a tuba! Lucky again! 
Now I know you may be thinking Amanda this is to be about luck, well hang on there is more. ;)
I meet my husband in my ballroom dance class, that to me was luck! There was so many things that tried to stop us from getting married, but guess what I become one of the luckiest people. Now I want to show you a picture.
Here is my family today, may not be the best picture of us all, but guess what I feel so lucky to have each one of those boys in my life. I will say boys because it is luck I have two sons, I know one day I will be lucky because I will never have to share a bathroom with a daughter, or worry about her stealing my shoes! I am so lucky because look at the face of my husband he got two hours of sleep that day, but he still got up to go to church and bless our new son. I am so lucky to have been able to carry two wonderful boys, one who came way before full term but look at that Blond hair boy today you would never know. I am so lucky to know great people who support me in my efforts to become healthy, and now you can see why I am LUCKY!

So the moral of this story is yes I have had tons of very unlucky moments, but looking at this picture shows me what real luck is. Luck is nothing more what you make it, and I am making my own luck now!


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