Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easter can you smell the chocolate???

Easter and I go way back (ok maybe not way back only 28 years) but I have always been a huge fan of Easter. It is the time of year where you are seeing flowers on the ground, birds singing, trees blooming, and my Favorite chocolate coming in from everywhere. (yes I said I love chocolate!) When I was a little girl Easter was about hutting Easter eggs, dyeing them all different colors and your hands of course, and the fun dresses. Now that I am a mother Easter is so much more. Just take a look at my son last year and how much fun he had at Easter.


This is the same boy who hated getting anything on him, but Easter brought out something in him that made him want to get dirty! He even asked for more colors! Yes that is a whisk in a cup!!! That is the best thing ever if you want to dye eggs with little kids. Take your hard boiled eggs put it in the middle of a whisk and let your kid dye there egg!


Easter is also a time where flowers are starting to bloom. I have a little boy who loves flower so much that he picks the little purple weeds and will bring them to me and say here mommy for you! They may be weeds to some but to me they are beautiful flowers.



But the one thing that Easter really reminds me of is Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ reminds me of my boys! I am now blessed with two wonderful boys who I love so much. They truly remind what the true meaning of Easter is. Which to me is family, love, and friends. Yes the chocolate is great, and yes so is hutting eggs, but what I love is sitting around the table having dinner. Talk to a family member who is faraway that is what makes Easter so special! So I ask you what make Easter so special for you? I know that this year as we dye those Easter eggs, do a big egg hunt, and even have more chocolate then we should I will be so happy because I am with my family. My husband, my two boys make life so special for me! Easter really can bring people together if you let it! I know this to be true with all my heart.

So go on buy you some eggs, go dye them, get some chocolate, but remember one thing that family comes first always!


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