Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A happy family has a happy home

Take a look here does these two boys look happy or sad?


I would say HAPPY right! Here you see my two boys, who are the joy of everything I do as a mother. My life is not always filled with two more who are happy. I have a two almost three year old and a 4 month old so I am sure you understand that they cry. As you can see in the picture my son is yes holding my I-Phone because well he needed to play Angry Birds or less we was going to have a fit!

Here’s the thing little things make us happy! How many times have you walked into you your favorite store and saw the best sell going on? Or maybe it was that parking space up close to the store that made you happy! For me as a mother it is when I see this:


My littlest learn to roll over to his belly and hold his head up!

Or this:


My son being so happy because he went potty on the toilet!

Having a happy family makes your life easier. You know what when our family is happy we get naps, eat dinner at the right time, we do not watch to much TV. These are just a few little things, but honestly they make our life so much better! Example my wonderful MIL come down this past weekend we has a blast but for three days my son did not get his nap! He was not happy at all, and you know what our house was not a happy home! When you family is happy your whole house is happy, but when your family is happy you feel it in your home!  We play outside, we play cars, we do so many things that keep us happy! My son loves to come to me and say momma why are you sad? He then places his hands on my face and say momma be happy! Two simple words be happy! So I say to you all BE HAPPY!

So I ask you think what makes your family happy? Really think about this next time your little one cry's, or your are having a bad day! I want you think about this: When your family is happy, your home is happy!

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