Monday, April 11, 2011

Mamavation Monday

You got to love Mondays! I mean it is a time where we look at what we did all week right. This week was so crazy! Kids sick, trips to doctors, new medians, and so on. I am just glad to have support of my family and others to get through everything! I am on this crazy new med. I have a thyroid problem. I have a mass on my right thyroid, it is not little mass, but a huge ass one! No thank goodness it is not cancer, but we are trying to stink it and this med is kicking my trash! It is causing me some not nice weight gain. As you can see right here.


yep that’s right it is a 3 lbs weight gain! I knew it could happen, and I am ok with it, because I am not going to let it get me down! This is just a set back, but I will be able to get the weight back off and get to my goal.

I wanted to be honestly with you ladies and show you that this could happened, but I am ok! My next goal is to lose 16.8 lbs and get down to 170! I know I can do it, so starting now I am redoing what I did as a mamavation mom. Thinking of Mamavation moms if you have not go read there post get to know them and please go support them!

This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn.

How would you like to alter your family’s nutrition and eating habits? Do you have a plan to do this?

When became a mamavation mom last campaign I wanted to have my family get more fiber and whole grains, I had no clue how to do this. Alysa taught me that fiber was everywhere! In foods we where already eating! I am now making my own breads, and meals. I also have cu out sugars and proceed foods!


I wrote this blog post while participating in the Mamavation Blogging Carnival for a chance to win an Orville Redenbacher’s Very Important Blogger Gift Basket.


  1. I admire your strength, your courage, and most of all your beautiful, positive outlook on life. you are remarkable and I'm honored to know you :)

    Super big HUGS!!!

  2. You are so amazing!! I love your positive outlook on life and your raw (REAL)ness! hugs

  3. As long as you know you are doing what you need to do, the weight will eventually catch up :). Have a great week!

  4. Good spirits on the weight gain! It's tough when you work and something out of our control gets in the way. Hopefully, it's only temporary but the important thing is getting back up and showing "it" that you can't be defeated! Good luck this week!