Monday, April 4, 2011

mamavation monday

Hi everyone this is going to be a quick post as Logan is sick with Bronchitis and Spencer is now getting sick. Things this week have been off track and the reason has been because I have let sickness get in my way. I know what I am to do and what I need to get done in order to stay on track, but I let myself slide this week. I know that and I am not blaming anyone but myself. As you can see here from my scale pic I have stayed the same.


I am glad the number did not change, for the worst, but it could have.

I am so excited to see who makes the next Mamamvation moms!!!! I know that whoever it is that you will rock it! I am so excited to be your mentor! I am here for you 125% . Know that you will be able to do it! To the others you will be able to rock the Move it and lose it! Till tonight when we party see you then!



  1. Maintaining isn't gaining. It's a new week and different things will happen. I hope your adorable kidlets feel better soon!
    Have an awesome week my Fabulous Fit Friend!!!!! :)

  2. I know what it is like when life trips you up and throws you off track. I hope that your child is feeling better by now. Having a sick little one is agony for the Mommy. But never you fear, each day brings another chance to make a difference in your families' life by putting some effort towards yourself. You deserve it.


    Miss Lori

  3. I hope the boys and you are supa dupa healthy again soon so you can be a more focused mama. Have a better week sweetie. Be well.

  4. I hate that the boys are sick :( I hope they get better soon and you get some rest. REMEMBER - if you aren't taking care of YOU - you can't take care of anyone else either :) Love you bunches!