Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Share some Happiness...

Valentines day has been here, but that doesn't mean that we are done with love. Love is everywhere. Just like the great song say ALL WE NEED IS LOVE! It is so true! Everyday as a mother I am able to look at my two boys and know that love is there. My two and 1/2 year old is now starting to show my husband and I everyday what real love is. Yesterday I was working out and said I am hot, he went into the bathroom and came out with a tiny cup if water and said "momma for you" A simple act of kindness of a little two year old part. So it made me think how do I share happiness? I am in the process of losing weight it is something that needs to be done for my health. As Valentines day is all about chocolate I was not looking forward to it, but my wonderful husband surprised me with fresh fruit! Yes fresh fruit! He knew I was unhappy so he got me fruit! That little act spread happiness to my day, and I passed it on to others. I was in the store just today and saw a dear friend who mother passed away, she is having a hard time dealing with it, she also has a two year old. He was not listening to her at all, so I told her I would follow her home and watch him so she could sleep, watch a movie or just cry! She looked at me and broke down in tears and said thank you!
Happiness random acts of kindness are everywhere! You see if you are willing to look. I love seeing the and finding way to make others happy. It is not about being the one becoming happy, but for me it is so nice to help other be happy! So I will ask you this what are you doing to spread happiness? Share you stories and thoughts! and more then anything share a little happiness today!

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